Why Dandelion Travels?

I love to watch our twin daughters pick dandelions, blowing the seeds into the wind.  It takes me back to the wonder of childhood exploration.  How can a simple weed have such a beautiful canopy of seeds?  How far will the seeds fly?  Where will they land?  This is travel.  The wonder of exploring the world.  How far can I fly on my budget?  What culture or land can I explore?  What hidden nooks and crannies can I find in a city?  Where is that road less traveled?

Meet Carrie

I was “bitten by the bug” on my honeymoon to Italy.  Although I’d explored a significant portion of the US, international travel opened up a world of learning opportunities and cultural exploration.  My husband and I try our best to travel internationally on a yearly basis (Thank you to our favorite babysitter, Gram!).  As our girls get older, we can’t wait to help them navigate airports, subways and trains, sample regional cuisines, explore beautiful landscapes and meet amazing people.